Charles Mintz

About the Artist

Becoming full time in 2008 changed the work in profound ways. Previously, people were anonymous and it was more about the public space. In this new time, the work has become intensely personal – often involving portraiture. This can be seen The Album Project, Precious Objectsand, still in progress, CostumesEvery Place begins with my childhood home that, at the time of the photograph, had been empty for years and was in foreclosure.  Today it is a vacant lot.

In addition to being more personal, the work has become less traditionally photographic both in form and method.  So, this is truly a journey which travels from safe commentary on the world around me to the less comfortable environment of my family, my neighborhood and my history.

“Like the burlesque comedian, I am abnormally fond of that precision which creates movement” — e e cummings 

Because I serve on the board of a conservation lab, I make an effort to produce and prepare his work consistent with the desire for it to last.  That is not always easy when things get large or leave the safety of a frame.

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  • Chuck Mintz, Anne Triptych, 2011

    Inkjet Print from Scanned Transparency, 27" x 56"